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General instructions for registering clinical cases in
Iranian Registry of Neuro Metabolic Diseases (IRNMD)

1. To register a case in IRNMD you should first become a member by creating an account in IRNMD. Please go to www.neurometabolic.ir
2. You can change language by clicking on “Persian” and “English” buttons on the right hand corner of the main page.
3. You can enter your personal webpage when your membership approved by IRNMD administration team using your username which is your email address.
4. Upon entering the website, you‘ll arrive at your personal webpage, in which a record has already been created for you. You can click on “Edit” and start entering your case information.
5. You can enter multiple cases information by creating new records for this purpose using Add button at the bottom of the page.
6. You should enter your case information in 7 stages including: History of illness, Physical Exam, Neurologic examinations, Neuroimaging, Laboratory Tests, Pathology and Final Scan. At the end of each stage please use “save” or “Save and continue” buttons before navigating to the next stage. Otherwise you’ll lose unsaved information. If you have to leave your computer half way through any stage, please click on the “save” button before you leave. You can get back to your record later on by entering logging in using your username and password and continue from where you left and finally submit it.
7. Be aware that for each entry field in English there is a Persian language field and vice versa. Please make sure that you have completed both fields before you submit the information. If you are an international applicant, please ignore this reminder.
8. All entered information will be made public upon approval of the registration by IRNMD administration team.
9. Please note that: Once the registration of a case is approved in IRNMD, you will no longer be able to delete the case.

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