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Iran finds innovative tinnitus treatment
"The novel method can not only diagnose but also measure the sound emanating from the ear of an individual suffering from the condition," said Mohammad Farhadi, the dean of ENT research center.

The new system reports the amplitude and the frequency of the sound perceived by the patient and is also able to simulate the sounds heard by the individual.

Farhadi and his research team have defined the brain areas activated during tinnitus attacks using PETscans and MRIs and have thus been able to design a device to suppress such areas.

Using acoustic and electric stimulation, the new device has been able to completely eliminate tinnitus in 10 percent of individuals tested because of their condition.

The device has also shown promising results in reducing the buzzing and hissing in an additional 60 percent of the patients who have undergone the treatment.

Tinnitus -- ringing in the ear -- is the perception of sound within the human ear in the absence of corresponding external sound.
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